KT Mart Group

Smart Supply Chain Solution

What is KT Mart

KT mart is founded 2007 and it has been overtaken by the current management since 2009. “KT” stands for Korea Town. Our main aim is to introduce lovely Korean inspiration to Melbournians and global customers.They are committed to continually bringing authentic and the latest Korean products at a great value. They also have varieties of Japanese and Chinese foods not only Koreans. KT mart is the easy step to feel a touch of Asia.

Shaping the future with AIBUILD 

KT Mart provides more than 3000 products, from daily necessities, imported snacks, beverages, food, fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and deli to cosmetics, homeware and kitchenware. It is supported by AIBUILD’s smart supply chain solution to provide the easier and simpler shopping for all the customers.