Australia’s First Real-time VR + AI Matching System

What is HousePro

HousePro is Australia’s leading property and housing platform offering an one-stop realty services for clients. Its core business including property transactions, professional services and e-commerce.

HousePro is the pioneer introducing VR live experience and AI technology into Australia’s Housing market and aims to build an ecosystem for the industry.

Why HousePro Choose AIBUILD ?

Over the last four years in Australia, we have developed big data and software solutions for clients in many industrie.

We aim to ensure the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Australia by helping our enterprise clients reduce costs and improve consistency in their processes with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technology. 

We remain firmly committed to providing unparalleled quality design and impeccable service to ensure we meet the ranging needs of all our customers. 

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