An innovative machine-learning fall prevention system which can be used to effectively predict, detect and reduce falls.

What is CaptureLive?

CaptureLive is an AI-driven healthtech company that develops a real-time monitoring and analysis system to prevent accidents and assist nursing staff to respond better and quicker towards elderly and those who have disabilities, especially with high fall risk and low mobility. It helps ease the pressure of caregivers and vulnerable residents.

What Can CaptureLive Support?

By installing an easy to deploy Capture Live camera in each room,  

it can offer wide range of explainable AI-powered prediction to healthcare staff.  

Bed Exit Prediction

Alert when a high-fall-risk patient or resident is trying to leave the bed.

Chair/Sofa Fall Prevention

Alert when a patient or resident is trying to transit from chair / wheelchair.

Fall Detection

Alert when a patient or resident falls to the ground.

Sensor Mat Feature

Alert when a resident is entering the restricted areas

Nurse Call System

Alert when a resident is asking for help


Triage patients based on urgency streamlining workflow

And More…

Why Choose CaptureLive?

Allowing falls obscured by furniture to be still picked up and analysed

Detect falls with multiple people in the same room

With regards to personal security, the privacy of patients can be protected by transforming the appearance of those monitored into a simple stick-figure format.

Provide immediate assistance to patients who may not have the capacity to manually activate an alarm

The skeletal tracking system will be able to differentiate between real falls and other types of falls

Assess the risk of the fall and only alert nurses of the danger if the patient’s fall is serious