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AIBUILD is a professional virtual reality real estate industrial content provider with technical Innovation Patent Granted. It uses the most advanced technologies, combining VR with real-time communication and people-object interactions in the virtual space. It allows users to freely explore the whole building, to modify the interior design, click to get information of certain objects and to view the scene in different devices in real time.

What can AIBUILD help with

Interior Design
Urban Planning
Office Building

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VR Edit

Customer are able to change wallpaper and manipulate all elements in the house with ultimate experience.

Build 3D house model

AIBUILD auto generate the 3D house model by extracting data from 2D floor plan so that user would have a much clearer idea how their house would look like.

Smooth Interactions

AIBuild provides users the creative way to get interactions with the objects in the VR scene.

Multiplayer function

Customers and family members are able to see their house at the same time no matter where they are.

Floor plan recognition

With our company’s special computer vision algorithm, AIBUILD analyzes uploaded floor plan and precisely examine every detail in each room.

Awesome Design

AIBuild uses VR technology to redefine the interior decoration and customer viewing process.