About Us

Our vision is to make the world a better place and make our dreams come true.

Proudly partner with The University of Melbourne and Australian Research Council, AIBUILD is a big data and innovative solutions provider founded in 2017 as one of the emerging startups in Australia.

AIBUILD positions itself as a professional industry innovative solutions provider. Over the last three years in Australia, we have developed big data and software solutions for clients in industries ranging from the real estate industry to education and research. We help our enterprise clients reduce costs and improve consistency in their processes with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technology. We remain firmly committed to providing unparalleled quality design and impeccable service to ensure we meet the ranging needs of all our customers. With our head office in Melbourne, we employ over 20 staff throughout Australia.

Academic Researches

AIBUILD has established a successful collaboration with The University of Melbourne through working on ARC IH150100006 in the field of sustainable infrastructure development, and our collaborative research work involves big data analytics using advanced AI and VR techniques. With the long-term strategies of AIBUILD, we focus on the development of advanced AI technologies in data-driven management to transform the Australian industries to drive profitability and competitiveness in global markets.